Give it All - The Amity Affliction

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Deez Nuts (by Jill Decome)

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Oh my god

You are so fucking needy. Just get out of my face. Just because were dating doesn’t mean you need to be in my face all the time and on top of me. Jesus fucking Christ.
Rant over ~

When you ask to spend time with me I stop what I’m doing even cancel plans to hang out with you. but when I’m upset and need someone to talk to you ignore me the whole time and sit on your phone. and make every conversation there after about you and then wonder why I won’t speak to you. Jfc.


"…I’ve been holding back my apathy for far too long/You don’t deserve what you haven’t earned/And your place in my heart has just grown so small…”

The Story So Far- High Regard

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My second edit

Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You

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Ahren Stringer | The Amity Affliction

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Tyler Carter. Issues.

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